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Webcast: Reporting on Health Savings Accounts

02/09/05     webcast

AHCJ/Kaiser logosThis roundtable -- a partnership between the Association of Health Care Journalists and the Kaiser Family Foundation -- focuses on health savings accounts and related approaches advocated by the Bush Administration and others to address rising health care costs and lack of coverage for the uninsured. Among the questions our experts will address are: How do these accounts really work? What are the differences among the types of accounts being offered? Who will benefit from them? Who won't? What effect are they likely to have on the insurance market? Will they really curb the rising cost of health care? Will they lower the number of uninsured?

See a webcast of the event or get a transcript.


  • Trudy Lieberman, director, Center for Consumer Health Choices, Consumers Union and president, AHCJ


  • Gary Claxton, vice president, Kaiser Family Foundation and director, Health Care Marketplace Project
  • Mila Kofman, assistant research professor, Health Policy Institute, Georgetown University
  • Doug Kronenberg, chief strategy officer, Lumenos