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Webcast: Understanding Medicare Part D


AHCJ/Kaiser logosPresented by the Association of Health Care Journalists and the Kaiser Family Foundation

The live webcast is over, but still viewable on the Kaiser Family Foundation's Web site.

Be prepared to help your readers, viewers and listeners. Tune in to a special health care roundtable focusing on the new Medicare prescription drug benefit known as Part D, designed to help Medicare beneficiaries pay for their medications.

This webcast – a partnership between AHCJ and the Kaiser Family Foundation – will allow you to ask questions via e-mail and telephone. Or just listen and learn. Among the questions our experts will address:

  • Who should sign up for the benefit?
  • At what point does it make financial sense not to sign up?
  • What are the options people have for covering their prescription costs?
  • How do drug plans vary?
  • What kind of coverage will be available to fill the so-called donut hole?
  • How do people fit the new benefit with health insurance they already have?


Trudy Lieberman, director, Center for Consumer Health Choices, Consumers Union
and president of AHCJ


Juliette Cubanski, senior policy analyst, Kaiser Family Foundation

Tom Paul, chief pharmacy officer for Ovations, a UnitedHealth Group Company and president of Pharmacy Solutions

Vicki Gottlich, attorney, Center for Medicare Advocacy