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Research examines impact of soda taxes on oral health

Image from  Rex Sorgatz via flickr.

Image from Rex Sorgatz via flickr.

Is there a soda tax debate coming to your community? The potential for such taxes to address problems with obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are important angles to explore, but don’t forget the oral health aspect of the soda tax story.

In the November 2014 elections, Berkeley, Calif., voters approved a 1-cent per ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, a measure strongly opposed by the American Beverage Association but supported by a wide range of health groups.

While Berkeley is the first city in the country to approve such a “sin” tax, it might have opened the door for other communities to do so. In the latest tip sheet, I have collected relevant research and resources for reporters who might be called on to cover soda taxes.

New analysis presents more nuanced view of oral health among Hispanic population

Research has shown that U.S. Hispanics have poorer oral health than non-Hispanic whites. For example, untreated tooth decay is nearly twice as common among Hispanic primary school children than among non-Hispanic whites.

Only 19 percent of working-age Hispanic adults in America have all their teeth, compared to 35 percent of whites, according to the findings of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

Yet disparities also exist among U.S. Hispanics and Latinos of different national backgrounds, a major new study finds.

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