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New report finds wide variation in health care costs among states

Consumers in states with high health care costs spend more than twice as much for certain services than consumers in other states, according to a new report from the Health Care Cost Institute.

Using health insurance claims, HCCI researchers also showed that among Americans enrolled in commercial health insurance plans, consumer prices for health care services vary by threefold within states. Continue reading

Six (or more) things to remember when reporting on health care costs

health-care-costs-reportersHealth care costs lack transparency and are wildly variable, not just from region to region but sometimes from block to block within the same city.

It is a complex topic, with chargemaster prices, what insurers paid and what consumers pay (if anything). Then there are the administrative rules set by Medicare and Medicaid and the negotiated rates between insurers and providers.

It’s daunting, but Lisa Aliferis of KQED, Rebecca Plevin of SCPR and Jeanne Pinderof clearhealthcosts.com have teamed up to offer guidance for reporting on health care costs in this new AHCJ tip sheet.