Covering news about screenings, preventive health recommendations

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force just released a recommendation that pregnant women be screened for gestational diabetes, even if they have not been previously diagnosed with type 1 or 2 diabetes. The task force often finds itself in the news when determining what works and doesn’t work in screenings and preventive care. Previously, it told healthy women not to […]

Hockey, theater tickets for prostate screenings

Gary Schwitzer, professor at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism & Mass Communication and publisher of, writes about the Roswell Park Cancer Institute‘s promotion of its “Prostate Club for Men,” complete with prizes for men who discuss screening. As Schwitzer points out, there is no mention of the potential harms of prostate cancer […]

Business pushes screenings despite guidelines

Jeff Baillon, a reporter for KMSP-Minneapolis/St. Paul, saw Life Line’s ubiquitous mailers (here’s the one AHCJ’s Gary Schwitzer received) in which former Olympian Peggy Fleming urges people to go in for medical screening and decided to take a closer look at the company. Ohio-based Life Line sends a van to local neighborhoods and offers a […]

Urological group pushes PSA screenings

The Cancer Letter‘s Paul Goldberg reports that the American Urological Association released a list of best practices that included beginning prostate screening at age 40 (see page 3 of this PDF for the announcement). It came, Goldberg reports, “Less than a month after the New England Journal of Medicine published trial results that point to […]

Experts: Benefits of cancer screenings overinflated

In Reader’s Digest, Shannon Brownlee reports that while the American Cancer Society and federal government still push regular cancer screenings, “a growing group of scientific heretics – published in highly respected medical journals, working at some of the most august institutions – strongly believe that it’s time to rethink our whole approach.” (Some researchers) say […]