President’s Corner: Ebola a great reminder that good information can counter hysteria

From the Winter 2015 issue of HealthBeat. Ebola coverage has fallen to a trickle, but the disease is still killing many people in West Africa. And today the concern is that the virus will become a permanent presence, burning on for years in rural areas. It also could flare up again in the United States […]

Posts about Ebola, oral health, ethics and data among year’s top reads

As we close out 2014, take a look back at the most popular Covering Health posts of the year: Comparing U.S., Canadian health care systems Blaming moms: How miscommunication on epigenetics is a threat to women’s health Separating fact from fiction on water fluoridation S.C. adults may gain dental benefits as part of Medicaid plan […]

New blog gives first-person account of Ebola treatment in West Africa

Ebola coverage has been ubiquitous, but fairly short on eyewitness perspective. This BMJ blog, “The Ebola Diaries,” gives readers on-the-ground insights from the front lines of Ebola treatment in West Africa. The blog will follow eight British military doctors and their Ebola Virus Disease Treatment Unit (EVDTU). They arrived in Sierra Leone from Yorkshire two weeks ago, and will focus […]

Choose words carefully when writing about Ebola

Word choice matters, especially when it comes to covering a deadly disease. You may have heard the terms “infectious” and “contagious” being used interchangeably in Ebola stories. Even health professionals sometimes use them that way, and that is adequate in many instances. However, minor differences between the two terms may play a role in which […]

Dallas Ebola case raises questions about care for the uninsured

When Thomas Eric Duncan died Wednesday of Ebola at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, one of many questions that remained unanswered was why the hospital didn’t do more to diagnose and treat Duncan initially. On Sept. 25, Duncan walked into the hospital’s emergency room, was given antibiotics and sent home, according to coverage in […]