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Larry Beresford is a freelance medical writer and health care journalist with an unprecedented breadth of experience writing about the policy, financial, clinical, administrative and human aspects of hospice, palliative care and end-of-life care. That experience includes authoring the definitive consumer’s guide to hospice care (The Hospice Handbook: A Complete Guide, Little, Brown & Co.), as well as contributing articles to a variety of health care trade publications and developing and producing newsletters, columns, manuals and white papers for hospice managers and clinicians. He is editor of Hospice Compliance Letter, published by the Summit Business Group for members of the Hospice Compliance Network; coauthor (with Dr. Diane Meier) of the “Notes from the Field” column in the Journal of Palliative Medicine; blogger at the Growth House end-of-life website (; and an active participant in the end-of-life care social networking community at Twitter, et al. He has also written about other fields of medicine that are neighbors to endof-life care on the health care continuum, including intensive care, emergency medicine, hospital medicine, long-term care, aging, pain medicine and anesthesiology. His mainstream medical writing includes frequent contributions to Anesthesiology News and Pain Medicine News (McMahon) and the Hospitalist magazine (Wiley), as well as a major report on quality in the intensive care unit for the National Coalition on Health Care (Care in the ICU: Teaming Up to Improve Quality).


Hospice, palliative care, end-of-life care and related health care subjects

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