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I came to medical, healthcare and (increasingly) health policy writing through the backdoor. I have a BA in History, a B.Ed. in Secondary Education and an MA in American Social and Cultural History and began my writing career at a local history magazine in 1988. When it folded in 1989 (not my fault, honest!), I was recruited as the special sections editor for Cleveland Jewish News, a weekly community paper. In 1990, I lobbied for and developed the paper’s first health-focused special section: HEALTHBEAT. Still popular with readers, it continues to be a significant revenue generator for the paper. I became a full-time freelancer in 1992. By 2002, along with health/wellness, and “hard medical science” writing (for Case Western Reserve University’s Medical School), I began to cover geriatric health and medical issues. By 2004, I was covering all aspects of aging (i.e. chronic care, long-term care, home and community-based care, housing issues, caregiver issues, etc.). Since then, my healthcare and/or senior-focused features and articles have appeared in most local publications (The Plain Dealer, Cleveland Clinic Magazine, CWRU Magazine, etc.) and a growing number of national ones (the American Society on Aging’s Aging Today, Arthritis Today, the National Education Association’s This Active Life, etc.) My monthly column, Successful Aging, covering the physical, emotional, and fiscal aspects of aging and caregiving debuted in 2001 and has been running in the Sun Press (Ohio’s largest chain of community papers) ever since. I’ve recently become a stringer for MedCity News, a national news service covering all aspects of the healthcare industry. Since 2006, I’ve done increasing work as an editorial consultant, advising editors, directors of social service organizations and website developers on health/wellness and aging issues. While I’m most comfortable covering aging and consumer-focused health/wellness issues, I’m also adept at covering issues related to medical and healthcare education, medical research and the “hard” science behind healthcare.


Geriatrics/aging issues; eldercare; long-term care issues (including financing); chronic disease management; consumer health/wellness; integrataive/holistic medicine; medical education (all levels), healthcare technology; the “business” of healthcare, the “business” of eldercare; doctor/patient relationships.

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