Patient-safety leader challenges hospitals nationwide to establish 10 crucial teams

A leader in the patient-safety movement recently urged hospital officials to use their organizations to take on 10 specific challenges including increasing voter registrations and addressing climate change. Journalists may find several story ideas from a provocative keynote address at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) forum given by a longtime leader in efforts to […]

Schools still ill-equipped to serve special-ed students with mental illnesses

The mental health of students has been of particular concern during the COVID-19 pandemic, with some students more severely affected by the lockdowns and safety restrictions than others. Particularly impacted are youth enrolled in special education, a population already disproportionately beset by mental illness and school suspensions.

A Politico editor mines tech expertise for real-world tale

Like many journalists in Washington, D.C., Arthur Allen knows his jargon. As the editor for Politico’s eHealth, Allen is all too familiar with the trappings of Congress and the resulting litany of regulations and rules that follow any major health-related legislation, including a 2009 bill that aimed to encourage doctors and hospitals to invest in […]

CMS-ordered report, withheld by hospital, reveals hundreds of deficiencies

When Ryan McNeill of The Dallas Morning News recently wrote for AHCJ about that paper’s investigation into patient care and safety at Parkland Memorial Hospital, he noted that the institution narrowly avoided being shut down by the federal government by agreeing to a rare form of oversight. That oversight included a requirement that the hospital […]