Fauber finds ‘failed back surgery syndrome’ after off-label use of Medtronic’s Infuse

John Fauber follows up his previous investigations into the myriad problems and conflicts of interest surrounding Medtronic’s Infuse product with a story on the emerging national epidemic of what pain specialists are calling “failed back surgery syndrome.” One local pain specialist Fauber contacted said that a full 10 percent to 15 percent of his patients […]

After Fauber’s story, pain group snips industry ties

Earlier this month, we blogged about Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter John Fauber’s work linking industry funding, local researchers and the rapid spread of painkiller use in America. Now Fauber’s written the best kind of follow up, with a story headlined “UW group ends drug firm funds.” Here’s the key paragraph: UW made the announcement after […]

Fauber: FDA to review data on jaw implants

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s reporter John Fauber reports on the FDA’s order to review the long-term performance of certain joint implants. Fauber’s story on the agency’s failure to adequately test and regulate these products came out in late November. Photo by Jacob Enos via Flickr The implants in question treat certain ailments affecting the joint […]

State prescription drug monitoring programs a window into fight against opioid abuse

With an estimated 78 opioid-related deaths per day nationwide, policymakers, journalists and the public are sounding the alarm on overprescribing of narcotic painkillers. Reporters covering the opioid crisis might want to look at state efforts to track opioid prescribing by physicians. State prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) are electronic databases that gather information from pharmacies […]