Overprescribing of antibiotics prevalent in early times of pandemic

Are you looking for new COVID-19 story angles and stories beyond the current pandemic? Pay attention to “superbugs,” the term for bacteria that have developed resistance to antimicrobial drugs. Overprescribing of antibiotics in U.S. hospitals during the first months of the pandemic increased the likelihood that the threat of antibiotic resistance has grown over the […]

Dentists urged to reduce prescriptions of pre-treatment antibiotics

Across America, dentists write about 10% of all antibiotic prescriptions, data show, making them the top specialty prescribers of antibiotics in the U.S. one recent year. But do the benefits of all these prescriptions outweigh their potential for harm? Amid concerns about antibiotic resistance – and the spread of Clostridioides difficile, a bacterium that causes […]

Tylenol, antibiotics and asthma risk: Confounding by indication case study 3

I’ve discussed in previous blog posts ways in which confounding by indication can completely change the way observational research is interpreted: it can flip common wisdom about labor induction and cesarean delivery risk on its head, and it can lead to bizarre conversations illustrating a researchers’ blind spots when it comes to discussing topics such […]

Unnecessary prescribing of dental antibiotics may be adding to C. diff cases

Potentially deadly Clostridium difficile (C. diff), which sickened an estimated half million Americans one recent year, has gained notoriety as a hospital-acquired infection. Patients who have taken antibiotics face an elevated risk of acquiring the diarrheal disease, and the majority of infections occur in health care facilities, research has shown.

FDA opposes antibiotics overuse in animal feeding

Citing the dangers of drug-resistant microbes, newly appointed Food and Drug Administration chief Joshua Sharfstein testified against the over-use of antibiotics by animal feeding operations (12-page PDF). Sharfstein said drug-resistant bacteria make up 70 percent of the approximately 2 million infections caught annually in American hospitals, leading to a high cost, both financially and in […]