NYT’s Schwarz discusses football concussion beat

For the Columbia Journalism Review, Brent Cunningham talked to The New York Times‘ Alan Schwarz about his work as the nation’s leading (and probably only) full-time football head injury reporter. Schwarz, whose work covering concussions brought him to the Times in 2007, talks about how he got started on the beat and how his work […]

Getting past conventional wisdom in the prescription drug epidemic #ahcj13

Drug-induced fatalities are one of the only preventable causes of death that’s rising, rather than decreasing. That’s because deaths from prescription narcotics have exploded, and as the panelists at a Health Journalism 2013 panel explained, there are ways to get past the talking points of this “epidemic” and decipher some of the causes for the […]

Pulitzer nods demonstrate breadth of health beat

This week’s Pulitzer announcements demonstrated just how far health journalism spread its wings in 2010, with health-related stories snagging wins and nominations for work related to everything from business to commentary to feature writing. Several AHCJ members were among the nominees, and Covering Health readers will recognize a significant number of the bylines and storylines. […]

Concussion-related trauma masquerades as ALS

The New York Times‘ Alan Schwarz reports on what he says is “the first firm pathological indications that brain trauma results in motor-neuron degeneration.” The headline behind that conclusion, of course, is that researchers say some  athletes with concussion and impact-induced brain injuries may have been misdiagnosed as ALS victims. Photo by peterjr1961 via Flickr […]

NFL to post concussion warning in locker rooms

In The New York Times, football concussion reporter Alan Schwarz examines the content and ramifications of a new warning poster the NFL will be putting in every locker room. An image of the poster can be seen here. Photo by Eagle102.net via Flickr The poster lists symptoms that players should look out for, including headaches, […]