Event registration

  • Please enter names separately.
  • Requires AHCJ membership. Renew today if your membership expires on or before the last day of the event.
  •   No meals
      Thursday evening reception
      Friday breakfast
      Saturday breakfast
      Saturday awards luncheon
      Saturday evening reception
      Sunday breakfast
  • Please note: If you RSVP for the Saturday awards luncheon, you will receive a ticket to present for admittance to the luncheon. Without your ticket, we cannot guarantee a seat or a meal.

    If your meal plans change, please let us know no later than one week prior to the event. Send any changes to susan@healthjournalism.org.
  •   No special diet
  • Please make dietary requests now. We cannot honor on-site requests.
  •   No food allergies
      Tree nuts
  •   AHCJ email message
      AHCJ website
      AHCJ newsletter
      Phone call
  •   Yes
  •   None
      Tuesday night
      Wednesday night
      Thursday night
      Friday night
      Saturday night
  • AHCJ will make your reservation for your entire length of stay at our special room rate and you will receive a confirmation directly from the hotel (you must provide an email address).

    If you reside more than 50 miles from the event hotel, AHCJ will pay for a number of nights determined by your registration category. The hotel will ask you for a credit card upon check-in to pay for any incidentals and additional room nights.
  •   I will not need AHCJ to assist with travel costs.
      Will use airline travel credits from HJ20 (April 2020)
      Yes, within 50 miles of conference
      Yes, more than 50 miles from conference
  • Does not include valet parking.
  •   Fully vaccinated
      Unable to be vaccinated / not vaccinated
  •   Yes -- I have a medical or religious exemption.
      No -- I do not have a medical or religious exemption.
  •   I attest that I have a medical contraindication to COVID-19 vaccination or have genuine and sincerely held religious beliefs which are contrary to COVID-19 vaccination. I understand that as an unvaccinated person I must agree to wear a mask while indoors and in the conference areas.
  • AHCJ is requiring vaccination of all eligible individuals or an attestation of medical or religious exemption in order to attend the Health Journalism conference in person. Please contact info@healthjournalism.org if you have any questions or concerns.
  •   I understand my duty to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (symptoms typically include fever, cough, and shortness of breath). I will contact AHCJ at info@healthjournalism.org and will not attend the conference if I begin to exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 while traveling to Austin or on site in Austin.
  •   Comfortable with hugs and handshakes
      Comfortable with fist bumps and maintaining some personal space
      Not comfortable with close contact; prefer to maintain social distancing

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