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A reporter considers the consequences of publishing a source’s legal status

Marc Ramirez

Millions of unauthorized immigrant adults — who represent more than 80% of immigrants living in the United States illegally — contribute to public health programs they may never benefit from because of their legal status. In a recent story that highlighted the lack of health care coverage for undocumented older people, Marc Ramirez, a national correspondent for USA TODAY, interviewed a man from Mexico, in part because the vast majority of unauthorized immigrants are from Latin America.  Continue reading

Lessons learned from reporting on sex trafficking survivor stories

Sandy West

When reporter Sandy West took on an assignment to cover a Texas program that offers comprehensive mental and physical health services to survivors of sex trafficking who identify as men, she quickly delved into a topic she didn’t know much about. In a recent interview, West, an independent reporter based in Houston, talked about how she prepared for the story and things reporters should keep in mind when talking to people who share memories of difficult experiences. Her story was published in September in The Imprint.

This discussion has been edited for clarity and brevity.

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Tips for reporting on inequities in access to health care in Puerto Rico

Photo by Preston Keres/U.S. Dept. of Agriculture via Flickr.

As the devastation Hurricane Fiona caused in Puerto Rico settles in, we may see more stories about the storm’s effect on access to health care. The recent news reports about the power outages suggest that primary and specialty services may be hard to come by for months, raising questions about what steps were taken to help the territory shore up its health care infrastructure after another hurricane pummeled the commonwealth five years ago.  

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Reporting on disparities in HIV testing, PrEP

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

HIV trends don’t make headlines the way they used to. But we may see an influx of them in the coming months after news that a court ruling may allow insurance companies to cut back on coverage of preventive care.

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How improper aggregation of racial/ethnic groups in research may mask health disparities

Photo via Pixabay.

Lumping Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders together with East, South, and Southeast Asian patients in U.S. medical studies may be obscuring disparities in outcomes, suggests a new study from JAMA Network Open.

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