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Rebecca Vesely is AHCJ's topic leader on health information technology and a freelance writer. She has written about health, science and medicine for AFP, the Bay Area News Group, Modern Healthcare, Wired, Scientific American online and many other news outlets.

Using technology to monitor patients at home gets boost from Medicare

Remote patient monitoring – using technology to keep track of a patient’s health between doctor visits – is gaining traction as our population ages and a health care workforce shortage persists.

Hospital, physician groups and insurers are generally enthusiastic about remote patient monitoring for patients with chronic conditions or who need extra support after a hospital stay (because it can reduce unnecessary hospital admissions). But payment for these services has generally been lacking. Continue reading

Women, people of color experiencing stubborn pay gap in health IT field

Photo: Dan Simpson via Flickr

Women and people of color are experiencing stubborn pay gaps in one of the more lucrative and in-demand fields of health care – health IT.

While the movement towards equal pay for equal work continues to grow, there is little data on compensation disparities in health IT, in part because the field is so new. Continue reading

Pediatricians raise ethical concerns about who can see teen clinical notes online

Today, more than 21 million patients in 47 states have online access to their physician’s notes documenting their medical visits.

While this online access is broadly seen as a positive step towards better communication between patients and doctors, some pediatricians are raising ethical concerns around teen privacy. Continue reading

When patient ridesharing comes to your local hospital

If you are like me, you’ve noticed a steady increase this year of press releases announcing deals between ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft and hospitals.

Ridesharing for medical appointments is being tested at hospitals all around the country. At HIMSS18, the leading health IT conference, held in Las Vegas in March, both Uber and Lyft had significant presences and unveiled new initiatives and partnerships in the health care space. Continue reading

Navigating the brave new world of artificial intelligence

You might be receiving a lot more PR pitches about artificial intelligence (AI) in your inbox these days. Gideon Gil, managing editor of Stat, has. Gil moderated a panel at Health Journalism 2018 on AI that aimed to help reporters and editors distinguish between hype and reality.

Briefly, AI is an artificial system that can perceive its environment and takes independent action to produce a result. AI products typically demonstrate behaviors associated with human intelligence such as learning, planning, movement and problem solving. Continue reading