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Medical journalist and health analyst Muiris Houston is a regular health analyst on television and radio. He was medical journalist of the year in Ireland in 2001 and 2002. His major research interests are narrative medicine and patient safety.

A new government in Ireland might bring health care change

Ireland is in the throes of an election campaign, and health care has been a campaign issue, though, nowhere near the top of the list.

If the health manifestos of Fine Gael and Labour, the two political parties most likely to form the next government are serious, then the time has come to adopt a universal health care model here. Continue reading

Cuts in Irish health care may foretell changes in U.S. system

Ireland’s public health system is facing unprecedented cuts as the country grapples with the aftermath of a banking crisis and the global economic downturn. Mary Harney, the minister for health, has conceded cuts of 1 billion euro to the health budget will be necessary for fiscal year 2011. The proposed 7 percent cut in funding is sending shivers down the spines of both health professionals and patients. Continue reading