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Michelle Tevis is an assistant managing editor and WellCommons editor at the Lawrence (Kan.) Journal-World. She attended Health Journalism 2015 as an AHCJ-Kansas Health Journalism Fellow, a program supported by the Kansas Health Foundation.

Panelists discuss health potential of wearables at #ahcj15

Photo by Tim Gee via Flickr

Photo by Tim Gee via Flickr

We have a lot of cool gadgets, but how can they really improve our health? And can they change health care? We are in a state of wearables 1.0, so what does wearables 2.0 look like?

Andrea Kissack, senior science editor at KQED-San Francisco, asked those questions at the outset of the panel “Wearables: Possibilities for consumers and health professionals” at Health Journalism 2015. Continue reading