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About Esther Paniagua

Esther Paniagua is editor in chief of the Spanish edition of Technology Review, published by MIT, and is a freelance health writer for the popular science magazine, Muy Interesante. She manages the Spanish participation in the European co-funded project HeaRT (Health Reporting Training), with support of the European Commission.

‘Anti-agenda’ influencing journalists’ health coverage

For whom does the media write? It seems a stupid question with an obvious answer. However, I wouldn’t give a categorical answer because, too often, media seem to be more interested in offering information not always in their readers’ best interests. Continue reading

Media must understand, explain privatization of health services

One of the points that stood out for me at the first European conference on health journalism was from conference organizer John Lister. “Few journalists understand what [the] health care system’s reforms means,” Lister said during the Health in the Headlines conference at Coventry University in June. Continue reading