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Cynthia Craft (@cynthiahcraft) is the director of engagement for AHCJ, joining the organization after an extensive career in daily journalism, including a decade on the health care beat. Craft most recently worked as a senior writer at The Sacramento Bee, having also worked for the Los Angeles Times, Dallas Times Herald and the California Journal.

Good health reporters know how to size up medical evidence

Care to know more about what it takes to accurately weigh medical evidence? You’ve got just a couple of days to jump in to apply for AHCJ’s Comparative Effectiveness Research Fellowship – the deadline is Friday.

To get an idea of what you’ll walk away with by joining the select group of health journalists headed to Bethesda, Md., Oct. 7-11, read what former CER fellows said: Continue reading

AHCJ mourns investigative reporter Chedekel

Lisa Chedekel

Lisa Chedekel, an active member of AHCJ and an award-winning investigative reporter on health care systems in Connecticut, died of cancer on Jan. 12. She was 57.

In a 2012 member profile, Chedekel told AHCJ member Andy Miller she naturally gravitated toward health as a beat: “For me, in-depth stories about health had a more universal and compelling appeal than other beats I’d covered,” she said. “Stories on health offer both hard data and real people – the two things that, to me, make the best stories.” Continue reading

Making a strong case for attending the upcoming AHCJ conference

Sammy Caiola, a health journalist in Sacramento, is nothing if not prepared. As far back as December, Caiola had delivered a memo to her editor, making the case to approve her attendance at Health Journalism 2018, AHCJ’s annual conference.

The Phoenix training event would be Caiola’s third AHCJ conference, and she figured her best argument was to outline exactly what she’d gotten out of the first two.

Editors can be funny people. Not in the comedic sense, but a bit persnickety. I know. I was an editor for half of my journalism career before joining AHCJ’s staff last fall.

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