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Celia Watson Seupel is a health journalist at New York. She is attending Health Journalism 2013 on an AHCJ-New York Health Journalism Fellowship, which is supported by the New York State Health Foundation.

Researchers focus on earlier treatment for Alzheimer’s #ahcj13

Significant progress is being made in the fight against the “silver tsunami,” said Scott Turner, M.D., Ph.D., director of the memory disorders program at Georgetown University, during a panel at Health Journalism 2013.

The FDA has changed regulations so that new drugs to fight Alzheimer’s can go to clinical trial and potentially go on the market more quickly and researchers are creating new “biomarkers” to diagnose Alzheimer’s earlier.

“We’re moving to earlier and earlier disease, trying to target people at risk,” Turner said. “It’s a huge development in our thinking about Alzheimer’s disease.” Two significant biomarkers begin to show up 20 years before someone might show clinical symptoms of disease: Both cerebrospinal fluid and PET scans show abnormal build-up of A-beta amyloid. Continue reading