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About Carrie Feibel

AHCJ board member Carrie Feibel chairs the contest committee. She is a health editor at NPR.

A tribute to AHCJ’s volunteer annual contest judges

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Now in its 18th year, the Association’s journalism contest has become a professional and public affirmation of the importance of health care as a beat. Last year’s contest drew 439 entries in 14 categories. To select the most powerful, poignant and effective stories from all the submissions requires dedication and care. For that, we must thank the dozens of volunteer judges who make it all possible. 

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AHCJ’s health reporting contest starts — and ends! — earlier this year. You can submit work starting … today. 

There are two types of journalists in the world: those who wait until the last minute (i.e., most of us), and those who work ahead (and you all are also probably “morning people,” I’m guessing).  

For those who work ahead: the 2022 health journalism contest is now open for entries!

For everyone else: Even if you usually wait for — and need — the motivating fire of a looming deadline, and naturally have no plans to even think about the AHCJ contest for months — you still need to know that THIS TIME AROUND THE DEADLINES HAVE CHANGED. 

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