Understanding what the WHO public health emergency on Ebola means

For the fifth time in its history, the World Health Organization declared on July 17, that the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo was a public health emergency of international concern. While this doesn’t mean that anyone in the U.S. is at any greater risk of contracting Ebola today than yesterday, it is […]

Ebola research continues in U.S. as violence inhibits treatment efforts in Africa

Recent violent attacks on Medicines San Frontieres (MSF) Ebola treatment centers in the Democratic Republic of Congo raise the prospect that the outbreak could grow even larger and more dangerous. On Feb. 24, MSF’s Ebola treatment center in Katwa was attacked and unknown assailants set another on fire in Butemo on Feb. 26. Both centers […]

Don’t forget about Ebola survivors, researcher tells reporters

While the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo was declared over by the World Health Organization in late July, Peter Halfmann, University of Wisconsin Influenza Research Institute associate professor and Ebola researcher, says journalists should keep covering the story in terms of its long-term impact on survivors.

In covering Ebola outbreak this time, some lessons to remember

Ebola is back in the news again with the evolving outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Could the virus come to the United States again? Given that every disease is now just a plane ride away it certainly could, although the odds are low. Global health workers are responding to the outbreak aggressively. […]

Doctor says media coverage of Ebola ‘fanned the hysteria’ #ahcj15

Media coverage of the Ebola epidemic did a disservice to the public and, “a reckoning is due,” a Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders leader told health care journalists gathered in Silicon Valley last month. “Instead of focusing on the medical literature and the facts related to Ebola, many of your colleagues fanned the hysteria and […]