Things to keep in mind about the King v. Burwell SCOTUS ruling

The court ruled that the subsidies were integral to the functioning of insurance markets under the ACA, and that Congress constructed the law with that in mind. The Court did not use an alternative legal argument to uphold the subsidies – saying that the law was ambiguous but the executive branch (in this case the […]

Things to keep in mind as we anticipate the King v. Burwell ruling

We’ve put up a tip sheet and written about the King v. Burwell case, but now that the ruling is imminent, we wanted to bring one more good one-stop-shopping resource to your attention and share a few tips. The Alliance for Health Reform has issued a very good four-page tool kit – links to background […]

Covering how King v. Burwell decision could affect subsidies

Lauren Sausser of The Post and Courier in South Carolina was surprised by an email from a reader asking her to write more about Medicaid expansion in South Carolina – specifically, the state’s refusal to expand the low-income health insurance program under the Affordable Care Act. This year, health insurance subsidies have played a much more […]

HuffPost dives into public records on King v. Burwell

A key issue in King v. Burwell, the health care reform case argued before the Supreme Court in early March, is whether Congress intended to make certain subsidies available to eligible people across the country or only to those living in states that created their own health insurance exchange. Sam Stein and colleagues at the […]

Under­standing, explaining primary issues of King v. Burwell

With oral arguments in King v. Burwell scheduled for tomorrow, the Supreme Court will likely rule in late June. The case challenges whether subsidies, in the form of tax credits, can go to people in states using the federal exchange, or only to those in the states running their own health insurance marketplaces. After the […]