Why you should write about telesitting in hospitals

laptop and stethoscope

Photo by National Cancer Institute via Pexels

It’s no surprise that hospitalized patients are at an increased risk of falls. They’re in unfamiliar surroundings and may be taking new medications with side effects. And many experience decreased activity while recovering from various illnesses or surgeries. What may be surprising are the numbers: Each year, an estimated 700,000 to one million people fall in hospitals, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

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Why deceptive Medicare marketing may impact the health of older adults

older adult on phone

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

We’ve all seen those ads where high-pressure sales tactics are used to encourage older adults to sign up for Medicare Advantage plans, plus the seemingly endless telemarketers and robocalls. If you think these marketing approaches have been getting worse over the past few years, you’re right. 

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Influence of abortion disinformation and misinformation on health trends of women of color

woman holding phone

Photo by Fausto Sandoval via Unsplash

Since the repeal of Roe v. Wade, thousands of clinicians and advocates who support abortion access have been playing defense on two critical fronts. Not only do they have to make sense of confusing state laws that limit necessary reproductive health care, but they also must counter false claims about abortion that some worry may lead to a higher maternal mortality rate.

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Boost your reporting by tapping into libraries’ vast resources

woman in library

Photo by Alexei Maridashvili via Unsplash

I remember a time when I would call up a government agency and ask them to fax me the latest government report, or when I would ask a think tank to overnight me a white paper.  Somehow, I managed to get my hands on the data and research I needed to report my stories.

These days, I’m grateful for the wealth of information available online. However, finding, accessing and interpreting it can be overwhelming. That’s where your local public or academic librarian can help.

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Tips for covering medical research conferences

Attending medical research conferences is a great way to find unique story ideas, develop sources and meet researchers, fellow journalists and potential editors.

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