Year in review: What journalists have been reading

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ListIt is perhaps little surprise that the most-read blog posts on Covering Health this year were almost exclusively about the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic.

Since we first reported about the “mysterious pneumonia outbreak in China” on Jan. 10 and followed up with a post urging “Use caution when reporting on pandemic potential of Wuhan coronavirus” on Jan. 23, the topic has been top-of-mind for health journalists.

Here is a list of the top-10 blog posts, plus a bonus:

  1. Looking at the evidence on homemade face masks to prevent coronavirus transmission
  2. Keep an eye out for lead-time bias with COVID-19 deaths
  3. How reporting on people’s intent to get a COVID-19 vaccine can harm public health
  4. Use these COVID-19 clinical trial trackers to keep up with research
  5. COVID-19 is hitting older LGBTQ adults especially hard
  6. During COVID-19 pandemonium, be sure to vet your sources for the right expertise
  7. Should freelancers pitch right now? Yes, and here’s what to do
  8. Are older lives less worthy in a pandemic?
  9. Learning the lessons of past pandemics
  10. Where to get more answers about COVID-19

The only non-COVID post to make the top 10 was published on Jan. 3 and likely will still prove useful to those reporting on COVID in nursing homes: “How are nursing homes doing when it comes to staffing? This tool helps you find out.”

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