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Len Bruzzese

About Len Bruzzese

Len Bruzzese is the executive director of AHCJ and its Center for Excellence in Health Care Journalism. He also is an associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism and served for nearly 20 years in daily journalism.

Please welcome these new professional and student members to AHCJ. All new members are welcome to stop by this post’s comment section to introduce themselves.

  • Nina Agrawal, student, Columbia University School of Journalism, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Bob L. Barrett, reporter/producer/anchor, WUWF-Pensacola, Fla. (@bobwuwf)
  • Hanna A. Battah, student, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. (@hannabattah)
  • Dennis Bittner, independent journalist, Orinda, Calif.
  • Jordan M. Bowen, student, Columbia, Mo. (@Jordan__Bowen)
  • Monica Braine, senior producer, Native America Calling, Albuquerque, N.M. (@monicabraine)
  • Samantha Caiola, health reporter, The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, Calif. (@sammycaiola)
  • Anthony R. Cave, reporter, Florida Keys Keynoter, North Miami Beach, Fla. (@Anthony_Cave)
  • Rose Ciotta, investigative producer, WIVB-Buffalo, N.Y.
  • Marcel Clarke, student, Missouri School of Journalism, Columbia, Mo. (@Marcel_Clarke)
  • Laura E. Coburn, student, Emory University, Atlanta
  • Tyler Daniels, student, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New York
  • Claire Doan, reporter, KCRA-Sacramento, Calif.
  • Christina Frangou, independent journalist, Calgary, Alberta (@cfrangou)
  • Thomas Gounley, watchdog reporter – economy and growth, Springfield News-Leader, Springfield, Mo. (@tgounleyNL)
  • Jon Z. Greenberg, staff writer, Tampa Bay Times, Washington, D.C. (@jonzgreenberg)
  • Justine Gubar, producer, ESPN, San Francisco
  • Kathleen Hayden, senior digital editor, Kaiser Health News, Washington, D.C.
  • Nicole Hester-Williams, staff writer, The Fairfield Ledger, Fairfield, Iowa
  • Darienne J. Hosley Stewart, independent journalist, Sunnyvale, Calif. (@DarienneS)
  • Skye Hubbard, student, Duke University, Durham, N.C.
  • Lindsey Johnston, student, University of Georgia, Athens
  • Katherine Kang, producer, Fox News Los Angeles, Temple City, Calif.
  • Hope M. Kirwan, student, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. (@hopekirwan)
  • Milena Kozlowska, student, City University of New York-Hunter College, Staten Island, N.Y.
  • Amanda K. LaBrot, student, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. (@AmandaLaBrot)
  • Sandra Lamb, independent journalist, Denver (@Sandralamb)
  • Elizabeth Leary, student, Yale University, Sunnyvale, Calif.
  • Rachel Lombardi, student, Roger Williams University, Wethersfield, Conn. (@rachellombardi)
  • Jyoti Madhusoodanan, independent journalist, San Jose, Calif. (@smjyoti)
  • Dina Maron, associate editor, Scientific American, Washington, D.C. (@Dina_Maron)
  • Jessica N. Mensch, student, Columbia, Mo. (@jessmensch)
  • Naomi E. Ogaldez, reporter, El Nuevo Sol, Reseda, Calif. (@Nogaldez)
  • Gianna Peralta, student, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, Calif.
  • Shale Remien, student, Columbia, Mo. (@ShaleRemien)
  • Luanne Rife, health reporter, The Roanoke Times, Roanoke, Va.
  • Amy N. Roth, health reporter, Utica, N.Y. (@OD_Roth)
  • Bram E. Sable-Smith, lead reporter, health & wealth desk, Columbia, Mo. (@besables)
  • Ramu Sapkota, health journalist, Center for Investigative Journalism, Nepal, Kathmandu, AP (@ramusapkota)
  • Paul Shepherd, senior editor, Angie’s List, Indianapolis (@P_Shepherd)
  • Ben Smart, student, Carolina Week/ University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C. (@bensmartunc)
  • Kendra Smith, senior health editor, MedHelp.org, San Francisco (@kendralism)
  • Ben Sutherly, staff writer, The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio (@BenSutherly)
  • Michelle K. Tevis, assistant managing editor, Wellcommons editor, Lawrence Journal-World, Lawrence, Kan.
  • Megan M. Thielking, student, Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. (@meggophone)

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