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AHCJ to launch mentor program Date: 01/07/09

AHCJ has begun taking applications for the organization's new mentoring program, a project designed to help AHCJ members share their expertise with other members who are in the process of building their careers. Whether you are just starting out and seeking advice on getting ahead or interested in making a mid-career transition and looking for someone to show you the ropes, AHCJ's mentoring program can help you achieve your goals.

The program is part of AHCJ's ongoing effort to offer members resources that can help them advance in an increasingly challenging journalism job market. "One of the most important things we can do as a membership group is support our colleagues in completing stronger, more compelling work. Mentoring offers a personalized way to do that," says Len Bruzzese, AHCJ executive director.

As layoff s increase around the country and many journalists find themselves facing tougher competition for fewer and fewer jobs, it's important to do your best work. The mentoring program will allow participants to focus on particular areas such as making career transitions, seeking fellowships or other educational programs, or improving editing and writing skills.

Watch your e-mail for application forms for mentors or mentees. "Once we have a pool of applicants, we will work to make the best possible matches between mentors and mentee candidates in terms of professional interests," says Sheree Crute, the AHCJ board member responsible for the program. To learn more contact Crute at shercrln@aol.com.

Apply to be a mentor I would like an AHCJ mentor.

Apply to be a mentor I have expertise in specific health care coverage and am willing to spend some time mentoring a fellow member.