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AHCJ unveils assistance plan for ‘downsized’ members Date: 12/18/08

Although AHCJ membership continued to increase this year as more journalists learned of its training opportunities and useful services, the group recognizes the strain under which the news media finds itself. The economic downturn has resulted in layoffs, buyouts and downsizings in several industries, including our own.

Money and questions - AHCJ announces Transition Assistance ProgramAHCJ's board and staff believe it's important to retain all the talented professionals who make up our membership. The tremendous AHCJ network built over the past decade is too valuable to all of us.

"It's worrisome – and sometimes heartbreaking – to see great journalists leaving their paid staff positions for uncertain futures," says Mike Stobbe, AHCJ's membership chairman. "Some will probably struggle, at least for a little while, until they find their feet in new ventures."

With that in mind, AHCJ is announcing a Transition Assistance Program to help members who are forced into a job change. Any professional AHCJ member who is laid off or is required to take a buyout, is eligible for TAP.

TAP provides several benefits:

  • If your renewal comes due after such a job separation, but before you've secured another position, AHCJ will cover a one-year renewal of your membership.
  • AHCJ will waive registration fees to one AHCJ conference or workshop to allow you to take advantage of the face-to-face networking opportunities.
  • AHCJ will allow you to post a free seeking-work notice on healthjournalism.org.
  • AHCJ will allow you to post your professional profile for free as part of a new service to be offered on healthjournalism.org.
  • AHCJ will allow you to apply for a small stipend to defray the cost of attending a career continuation workshop, career counseling program, interviewing skills program or other similar service.

"Job or career transitions can be difficult," says AHCJ Executive Director Len Bruzzese. "They also can provide tremendous opportunities. AHCJ hopes to assist members in bridging smoothly to those new opportunities without losing one of the strongest assets they have: a network of AHCJ colleagues."

Members wanting to apply should contact us at membership@healthjournalism.org for guidance.