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New AHCJ benefit offers wealth of health care data Date: 03/18/16

COLUMBIA, Mo. – AHCJ members will now get special access to data tools, thanks to an agreement the organization has made with Carevoyance, a company that provides health care data from public and private data sources.


This new member benefit allows AHCJ members to use data – at no cost – to enhance their health reporting with detailed information about health care providers. AHCJ is working with Carevoyance to provide data covering hospitals, physicians, laboratories and other providers.

You can find information about provider specialties, finances, referrals, affiliations, patient demographics, prescriptions and basic contact information. AHCJ members can search by geography, names, specialties and more.

There’s also an extensive help section on using the data and interface, including notes about the latest data releases, an instructional video library, navigating the site, and additional information about the company and data.

The agreement adds another major benefit for AHCJ members. The basic Carevoyance subscription is normally $2,400 a year.

"The data that are available to our membership offer detailed information that health reporters often need – detailed, accurate information about health care providers,” said Jeff Porter, AHCJ special projects director.

"It provides the journalist tools to efficiently find the details in the pursuit of stories, pose authoritative questions to sources, and data to use in graphics to illustrate the story."

Abhinav Gautam, M.D., is Carevoyance’s chief medical officer and worked with AHCJ to establish the new resource.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with AHCJ. Journalists are crucial for holding companies to maintaining a high level of integrity,” Gautam said. “Carevoyance will provide AHCJ members with an unprecedented ability to explore and express health care data in a modern and holistic fashion."

♦ Click here to find out how to get access to the Carevoyance data.

Carevoyance is a health care-specific search and discovery platform built on a broad collection of health care data. Carevoyance allows users to access information from across hundreds of previously disparate and siloed public and private data sources for a single portal.

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