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AHCJ accepted into World Federation of Science Journalists Date: 02/04/13

The Association of Health Care Journalists has been accepted into the World Federation of Science Journalists, a nonprofit organization of 44 groups dedicated to increasing public understanding of science and technology through the mass media.

“We have been getting more and more interest from non-U.S. journalists in our training and resources,” AHCJ Executive Director Len Bruzzese explained. “The international segment of our membership continues to grow. We feel it makes sense to work with other established international journalism groups where possible to meet the needs of these reporters, editors and producers.”

AHCJ leaders expect WFSJ membership will increase networking potential for AHCJ members in both reporting and career development.

“We look forward to meeting the leaders of other journalism organizations with health and science interests to see how we might collaborate,” Bruzzese said.

AHCJ’s mission of improving the quality, accuracy and visibility of health care reporting, writing and editing dovetails nicely with the federation’s goal of strong, critical coverage of issues in science and technology, environment, health and medicine, agriculture and related fields. Both AHCJ and WFSJ promote and defend the free flow of information, as well as increasing the training of journalists in complex journalism.