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Reporting project fellowships available Date: 08/09/12

AHCJ Reporting Fellowshiops on Health Care PerformanceReceive financial assistance and a fellowship award to pursue health journalism projects of significance to your audience.

Interested in pursuing a project on patient safety and quality care? Efforts to address racial disparities in infant mortality? The power hospitals or insurers wield in your market? What hospital or insurance company consolidation will mean? How well a hospital system tracks medical errors? How a doctor shortage is affecting care in a region's community health clinics? Differences between U.S. states in mandated coverage for autism treatment?

The AHCJ Reporting Fellowships on Health Care Performance will enable health care journalists to examine local or regional health care systems (or specific pieces of a system) to determine what makes them effective or ineffective in delivering the right care at the right time, at the right price for as many people as possible.

This year-long program, managed by AHCJ and supported by The Commonwealth Fund, will allow four fellows to continue in their current jobs, while offering financial, logistical and editing support to complete significant and unique reporting projects during 2013. Applicants with at least 10 years’ experience as professional journalists are preferred.

Guidance will be provided through two seminars, consultations with AHCJ fellowship leaders and conference networking. Up to $4,000 in financial support will allow fellows to travel for their reporting, to collect data relevant to their projects and to employ technology needed to deliver multiplatform stories.

The aim would be to produce a package or series of in-depth stories in any media format – print, television, radio or multimedia – examining a system within the fellow’s own community or another community, possibly pinpointing what makes it a high-performing model or comparing it to higher- and lower-performing models. Fellows could examine the factors that make these systems perform well, including political, economic, technological and leadership considerations.

Fellows also receive a $2,500 fellowship award for successful completion of the project.

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The deadline to apply is Nov. 9.