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AHCJ asks Supreme Court to permit broadcast of arguments in health reform case Date: 11/21/11

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Association of Health Care Journalists has asked Chief Justice John G. Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court to permit live audio and video coverage of the oral arguments next March in the case challenging congressional authority to mandate health insurance coverage and other provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

 The Court has long permitted print journalists to cover its proceedings and, more recently, began offering time-delayed audio recordings of oral arguments. But AHCJ is pushing for real time audio and video coverage in this case, due to the historic significance of this case and potential impact on millions of Americans.

 In the letter to Chief Justice Roberts, AHCJ contends that traditional provisions are inadequate for such a historic case with potentially sweeping impact on the health care system and millions of Americans. “The case before the Court has ramifications for these and many other aspects of health care in America, however it is decided,” says the letter.

The Court agreed last week to hear the case, with oral arguments due next March and a decision likely in June. The Court scheduled more than five hours for arguments, rather than the usual one hour.