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AHCJ members show their support for organization as individual donors Date: 07/15/10

By Len Bruzzese

Conference sponsors and program grantors receive high-profile thanks throughout the year because they are of­ten tied to events.

We don't often get the chance to say thank you to the individuals who add $20 to their membership renewals or offer multi-year pledges matched by their em­ployers. This kind of support is testament to how members feel about the mission of an organization. It is the support of which we should be most proud.

We are happy to list the individuals who gave that little bit extra during the past fiscal year. The entire organization thanks you.

Robin Adams

Michael Alexander

Marshall Allen

Julie Appleby

Sara Austin

Eileen Beal

Manu Bhandari

David Boddiger

Jennifer Boen

Annie Boyd

Deborah Brauser

James Brice

Joanna Broder

Shannon Brownlee

Len Bruzzese

Mary Agnes Carey

Doug Carroll

Heather Chambers

Claudia Collucci

Kathy Crawford

Aurora Cudal

Mary Jo Dales

Robert J. Davis

Dan DeNoon

Kathryn Doherty

Jim Doyle

Amos Esty

Luis Fabregas

Carrie Feibel

Deborah Flapan

Antonio Flores-Lopez

Sylvia Forbes

Joy Fountain

Kathryn Foxhall

Linnie Frank-Bailey

Marcia Frellick

Felice Freyer

Phil Galewitz

Alicia Gallegos

Rebecca Gannon

Elizabeth Gardner

Bob Garrett

Leah Garrison

Peggy Girshman

Barbara Goldberg

Kenny Goldberg

Carol Goldsmith

Brenda Goodman

Elana Gordon

Sarah Green

Dave Hage

Landon Hall

William Heisel

Scott Hensley

Jessica Hoch

Andrew Holtz

Rebecca Hughes

Jackie Hutcherson

Carla Johnson

Kaiser Family Foundation

Shuka Kalantari

Devin Katayama

Judith Messina

Andy Miller

Shaya Mohajer

Alicia Mundy

Bridgette Murray-Law

Teresa Nino

John Novack

Kathryn O'Hara

Amy E. Olson

Ivan Oransky

Charles Ornstein

Barbara Kermode-Scott

Sandy Kleffman

Kay Lazar

Michelle Levander

Darcy Lewis

Trudy Lieberman

Robert Logan

Gale Maleskey

Angie Marek

Meredith Matthews

Laurie McGinley

Mary McGinley

Maryn McKenna

Claudia Perry

Phillip Perry

Sue Pondrom

L. Michael Posey

Reuters Health staff

Yanick Rice-Lamb

Sheri Roan

Michelle Roberts

Adrienne Robinson

Graciela Rogerio

Farida Romero

Ev Ruch-Graham

Wynfred Russell

Elaine Schattner

Anne Scheck

Deborah Schoch

Kay Schwebke

Gary Schwitzer

Christine Sexton

Cheryl Harris Sharman

Tammy Smith

Karl Stark

Mike Stobbe

Viji Sundaram

Jean Virgile Tasse

Patricia Thomas

Judith Vandewater

Sarah Varney

Ellen Vestewig

David Wahlberg

Emily Walker

Lindy Washburn

David Westphal

Tracy Wetzel

Irene Wielawski

Wendy Wolfson

Jan Yopp

A thank you to our sponsors, grantors and partners of the past fiscal year:

The California Endowment

California HealthCare Foundation

California Wellness Foundation

CDC Foundation

Chicago Tribune Foundation

Cincinnati Children's Hospital

The Commonwealth Fund

Feinberg School of Medicine

Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making

Health Foundation of South Florida

Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation


John A. Hartford Foundation

Kaiser Family Foundation

Kansas Health Institute

Mayo Foundation (Florida)

Missouri Foundation for Health

Montefiore Medical Center

National Library of Medicine

New America Media

Northwest Health Foundation

Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Religion Newswriters Foundation

Robert R. McCormick Foundation

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

RTI International

University of Miami Center on Aging