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The Association of Health Care Journalists' European listserv is a place for professional networking, information exchange and discussion of matters important to journalists. We intend for the European list to be a forum for issues pertinent to journalists practicing in Europe - whether it's looking for information specific to a hospital, a company or a country or discussing freedom of information policies set by government or European Union agencies. This is your professional forum.

As it is a professional forum, there are some guidelines we follow. It is a moderated list, which means postings must first be approved by a moderator to make it a helpful resource, keeping list traffic on topic and ensuring that it is a pitch-free zone.

We hope you find the new European list to be a useful resource and a benefit of your membership in AHCJ. We welcome your participation.We also invite AHCJ members to join the main electronic discussion list.

Once you have subscribed, you can post to the list by sending a message to EU_HEALTH_JOUR_FORUM@PO.MISSOURI.EDU

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