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Right to Know News

Resources - ArticlesReporter explains how he wove data, human stories into compelling series on dental deaths01/13/16View
Resources - ArticlesFiguring out the politics of patient harm12/19/14View
Resources - ArticlesBuilding transparency in health care costs08/18/14View
Resources - ArticlesExtensive document requests yield true cost of Illinois’ PR campaign for insurance coverage07/02/14View
Resources - ArticlesUse state public records laws to cover these aspects of health exchanges03/04/14View
Resources - ArticlesDelving into cost reports reveals financial health of hospitals, amount of charity care they provide12/06/13View
Resources - ArticlesHow I did it: Reporting on delays in newborn testing12/06/13View
Resources - ArticlesBeat reporter uncovers FDA's failure to take action about contaminated products06/22/11View
Resources - ArticlesHealth Journalism 2011: Officials, reporters offer conflicting advice on getting public documents04/16/11View
Resources - ArticlesReporter runs into wall requesting FDA's public records of financial disclosures02/16/11View
Resources - ArticlesReporters urged to insist on response from government agencies09/16/10View
Resources - ArticlesSF chapter presents workshop on FOI, public records10/23/09View
Resources - ArticlesHealth Journalism 2008: Under pressure - FDA oversight, funding, effectiveness04/07/08View
Resources - ArticlesReporter offers testimony to FDA committee about agency's communication policies03/11/08View
Resources - ArticlesReporter documents surgical errors through public records11/28/07View
Resources - Tip SheetsTips on prying loose records using FOIA requests, lawsuit09/04/15View
Resources - Tip SheetsGetting past gatekeepers to cover research requires strategy10/14/13View
Resources - Tip SheetsSome key points about public records requests (Charles Ornstein)04/26/12View
Resources - Tip SheetsFOI Laws in Action (Charles Davis tip sheet)04/24/12View
Resources - Tip SheetsTips on investigating health professionals and the boards that regulate them07/06/11View
Resources - Tip SheetsU.S. Department of Health & Human Services news media contacts06/20/11View
Resources - Tip SheetsInvestigating health professionals05/11/11View
Resources - Tip SheetsStates give troubled caregivers a pass (Tracy Weber presentation)04/28/11View
Resources - Tip SheetsHow well does your state oversee nurses (and pharmacists, dentists, psychologists...)?04/28/11View
Resources - Tip SheetsNIH releases FOIA case log08/07/07View
Resources - Tip SheetsEpidemiological consultations: When the Army consults on serious medical situations08/07/07View
Resources - Tip SheetsWhat to do if a law enforcement officer asks you to hand over notes or tapes01/01/06View
Resources - AHCJ PublicationsSpring/Summer 201107/19/11View
Resources - Latest Reports/StudiesReview of 2007 FOIA amendments01/24/08View
Resources - Latest Reports/StudiesStatus report shows HHS backlog of FOIA responses grows12/20/07View
Resources - Latest Reports/StudiesDoes Court Secrecy Undermine Public Health and Safety?12/17/07View
Resources - Web sitesReporters Committee for Freedom of the Press podcasts04/17/07View
Resources - Web sitesHIPAA and Newsgathering: Basic Tips for Reporters and Editors04/09/07View
Resources - Web sitesOpen Government Guide04/09/07View
Award entryInside Our Hospitals: What the St. Luke's antitrust trial documents show02/28/16View
Award entryHidden Errors02/28/16View
Award entryGhost Factories02/21/13View
Award entry40% Of High-Prescribing Docs Get Pharma Perks02/21/13View
Award entryA Rampant Prescription, A Hidden Peril02/21/13View
Award entryCracking the Codes02/21/13View
Award entryThe Weight of War03/30/12View
Award entryDeadly Deception11/13/12View
Award entryThe Case of Dr. Konasiewicz04/01/12View