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Join AHCJ's LinkedIn group, be a Facebook 'fan' or follow us on Twitter


Request to be added to the group. Joining the group will allow you to identify other people on the site who belong to AHCJ and will let you be identified as a member of AHCJ.

Read more about groups on LinkedIn in their FAQ. If you have questions about the LinkedIn group, please send an e-mail to Pia Christensen at pia@healthjournalism.org.


AHCJ now has a page on Facebook. If you're on Facebook, you can sign up to be a "fan" of AHCJ and interact with other AHCJ fans.


We are sending out updates about AHCJ on Twitter. If you use Twitter, you can "follow" AHCJ_Pia If you aren't using Twitter and want to get started, go to Twitter.com and sign up - the sign up process is quick and easy. Then get started by going to http://twitter.com/AHCJ_Pia and clicking on "follow." Then you can find other colleagues and sources on Twitter and choose to "follow" them to get regular updates. Updates are posted to your Twitter stream, which you can access when you choose.

Want to know more about Twitter? This guide from The Wall Street Journal is helpful.


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