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Coretopic:Health Reform

For decades, U.S. legislators struggled with how to ensure all Americans had health insurance. Every other developed country – and many less developed – had some kind of universal or near-universal coverage. On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly shortened to Affordable Care Act  or “Obamacare.” At the time, it was forecast to cover about 32 million Americans by 2019, a forecast that has gradually dropped amid barriers to implementation. The complex, multi-part legislation remains highly divisive and misunderstood. Political and policy uncertainties have shadowed, threatened and changed implementation. 


New How I Did It

Covering the ACA state subsidy issue

Lauren Sausser scoured pages of emails for a story about subsidies for South Carolinians. See it now »

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Price variations

Lisa Aliferis tells us her go-to resources for explaining health care costs. See it now »

New Tip Sheet

Away from the experts

Shannon Muchmore's strategies for talking to "real" people about getting insurance under the ACA. See it now »

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