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Digital Health NeuroTech Silicon Valley

02/07/17 - 02/08/17     Palo Alto, CA

Digital tools and data analysis have already transformed the way health is monitored, diagnosed, predicted, and improved. The ApplySci faculty will lead interactive discussions on topics including AI in healthcare, novel sensors, digital pharma companions, brain computer interfaces, robotics, breakthrough surgical and diagnostic techniques, and meaningful data analysis for health and wellness.

Among the topics:

  • Put digital health tools into practice and using them to benefit all, irrespective of wealth or location.

  • Replacing the stigmas of mental illness with compassionate solutions.

  • Managing chronic disease for a prolonged, active existence.

  • Making medical treatment more humane, efficient and effective.

  • Enabling healthier pregnancies, and the safe monitoring of babies and children’s wellness.

  • Allowing seniors to age in place with dignity.

  • Creating elite athletes through body and brain feedback, monitoring and stimulation.

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