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Pia Christensen (@AHCJ_Pia) is the managing editor/online services for AHCJ. She manages the content and development of, coordinates social media efforts of AHCJ and assists with the editing and production of association guides, programs and newsletters.

Where to turn for the best information about Zika

Photo: CDCAedes aegypti

Photo: CDCAedes aegypti

We’ve gathered some of the best, most science-based resources to help reporters who are covering Zika or may find themselves covering the emerging disease as the seasons change.

The NLM Outreach and Specific Populations Branch sent out this extensive list of resources from a wide range of U.S. and international health organizations. It includes information for special populations, epidemiology, detection and diagnosis, travel and does include some information in Spanish. Continue reading

Obesity research: What to know and making sense of studies

obesity-webcastCalling obesity an “epidemic” is almost a cliche in health reporting, but there is no question that obesity is linked to many serious health issues and quality of life, and obesity incidence has been increasing.

That reality has led to even more medical research into its causes, its treatment and management and the conditions obesity increases the risk of experiencing.

In a Jan. 13 webcast, obesity expert and physician Yoni Freedhoff will provide an overview of the state of obesity research and explain what reporters need to know and look for in medical research about obesity.

With Tara Haelle, AHCJ’s core topic leader on medical studies, Freedhoff will explain what we know, how to cut through hype, how to spot less evidence-based claims, and how to talk about the issue in a respectful way. Find out how to participate.

Deadline to enter AHCJ contest extended

awardsBecause of technical difficulties, AHCJ will accept entries for the Awards for Excellence in Health Care Journalism until noon ET on Jan. 7, according to contest coordinator Brandi McGrath.

The annual awards program, which is run by journalists and not influenced or funded by commercial or special-interest groups, recognizes the best health reporting in print, broadcast and online media. Continue reading

Looking back at 2015 on Covering Health

top-25Bacon, chocolate, vaccines and Mark Cuban: Those were the topics of some of the most-read Covering Health posts of 2015.

Of course there was plenty of reporting about health reform, the business of health care, medical research and quality of life as the population ages. We also had some important posts addressing special concerns of freelance health and medical writers.

If you find yourself stuck waiting in a line or an airport over the holidays, you might take a look back and see if these posts spark any ideas for your future reporting. Continue reading

D.C. health journalists gather to celebrate the holiday season

Photo: Phil GalewitzMichelle Stein (far right), of Inside Health Policy, and Rachel Roubein, of National Journal, were among attendees at the Washington, D.C., holiday event.

About 45 journalists gathered on Dec. 10 to toast the holidays at the fifth annual Washington, D.C., AHCJ chapter holiday networking party.

The event was held at the Advisory Board Co. building in the West End and hosted by longtime Advisory Board writer Dan Diamond, who is moving to Politico in January. Continue reading