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The right to know: It’s a concept that underpins all journalism, and nowhere is it more important than in health care and medicine. Patients have a right to know what will keep them healthy and what will make them sick. Citizens have a right to know how effectively their government protects and serves those who depend on it. For health care journalists that means heavy responsibilities – and sometimes daunting challenges. Through its Right to Know Committee, AHCJ advocates for openness and provides resources for members striving to shed light on complex topics.

New tip sheet

Getting past gate­keepers

Scoring an interview with a scientist who works for a government agency can be frustrating and full of dead ends. It shouldn't be.  See it now...

New resource

Arizona dental board action data

Investigation reveals disciplinary and non-disciplinary actions from 2010 through 2014. See it now...

Latest advocacy

More data on residency programs

AHCJ calls upon ACGME for more transparency on the quality of graduate medical education programs. See it now...

Right to Know news

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Debunking myths designed to hinder price, quality transparency efforts
When writing about transparency in health care prices and quality, journalists should expose the myths that health care providers promote. That’s the advice Francois de Brantes gave during a session on price and quality transparency at Health Journalism 2015 last month. The executive director of...

Illnesses, injuries linked to medical devices a ripe area for investigation #ahcj15
Most medical devices marketed in the United States do not need formal approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Members of a panel at Health Journalism 2015 on medical device coverage provided a variety of advice for reporters covering and of the implants, instruments and diagnostic...

Journalists get guidance on navigating HIPAA rules #ahcj15
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was enacted nearly 20 years ago to make reporters gnash their teeth. Not quite, presenters at Health Journalism 2015 in Santa Clara, Calif., told their audience. HIPAA, as it was birthed into law in 1996, was intended to make it easier for...

Investigation reveals dental board’s lack of transparency
How transparent is your state dental board when it comes to helping patients find out more about their dentists? In Arizona, the state board of dental examiners has taken actions against hundreds of dentists in recent years. But it can be difficult for a patient in the state to find out if his or...

How AHCJ engages in sustained push for transparency year round
In early February, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services advertised a telephone question-and-answer session intended for “non-press associated individuals.” Essentially anyone could listen in – except the members of the media. Crazy, right? But when a member of the Association of...

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