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The right to know: It’s a concept that underpins all journalism, and nowhere is it more important than in health care and medicine. Patients have a right to know what will keep them healthy and what will make them sick. Citizens have a right to know how effectively their government protects and serves those who depend on it. For health care journalists that means heavy responsibilities – and sometimes daunting challenges. Through its Right to Know Committee, AHCJ advocates for openness and provides resources for members striving to shed light on complex topics.

Latest tip sheet

Using FOIA, lawsuits for records

Fred Schulte’s investigation into Medicare Advantage plans took a lot of digging, filing of FOIA requests and ultimately a lawsuit. See it now...

New tip sheet

Getting past gate­keepers

Scoring an interview with a scientist who works for a government agency can be frustrating and full of dead ends. It shouldn't be.  See it now...

New resource

Arizona dental board action data

Investigation reveals disciplinary and non-disciplinary actions from 2010 through 2014. See it now...

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